Friday, December 25, 2009

Red & Green

For those of you celebrating Christmas today, I hope you had a wonderful day! There sure is a lot that goes into the holidays from seeing friends and family to gifts and an abundance of food!

I was able to actually give at least one jewelry gift of red and green today which always makes me happy! After all of the hubbub and preparations that go into an annual event, there must always be an end to the excitement.

We are fortunate that we have another part of the family to celebrate with next week, so we have more fun and togetherness to look forward to. I will probably stretch my red and green jewelry wearing till the end of the year and then move on. Sort of a reminder of the cycle of life...

It's good to remember in the moving on, there are lots more fun and exciting things to come in the future!


Cathryn said...

Just staying at home. If I'm lucky--I can get in one or two quick beading projects!

JustATish said...

Well sed - "Sort of a reminder of the cycle of life."