Monday, December 28, 2009

Fancy Red & Black Party!

I wonder why the colors black and red seem to go hand in hand with new year's eve in my mind. Maybe there is an idea in the back of my mind that this is a formal occasion and people often get very dressed up. Black, white and red seem perfectly matched for a fancy winter party.

I received a wonderfully diverse collection of beads from Rings & Things that I am in the process of studying (yes, bead by bead) in order to get an idea of how I would like to use them. These red and black beads seem so rich and fancy!

If you can get a close up look at them, you will find some of the following:
28-399-06-232 6mm faceted round - ruby; *28-000-001-252 10mm faceted puffed coin - red; *28-000-003-252 8mm faceted helix -siam; *28-000-002-252 8mm facted roundelle - siam; *28-000-002-021 8mm facted roundelle - black; *28-000-003-021 8mm facted helix - black; *28-000-001-021 10mm faceted puffed coin -black

I feel the need to make a big, chunky bracelet or very dangly pendant out of them. I would LOVE to hear some ideas because I still have a few days left to get something together!! :)

Please share if you have a minute!!

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Linda said...

I see red and black for New Year's too. I just listed a simple black onyx pendant

JustATish said...

i am still pushing mine around my work table. i made a pair of earrings with the red, and added the black puffed coins to a necklace, but still have so many. i am at a loss. i don't think i can put them both in the same design. mebbe i should challenge myself to do so...i dont' know. is scary!!! :)

Azure Islands Designs said...

I also think of red, white and black when I think of a New Year's celebration! For me it stems from years ago...people used to "dress up" to attend large formal dinner isn't done much any more, which is sad, it was wonderful to see the women in elegant gowns and the men actually in suits...

Often people at least in my small city seem to stay home now...

Enough reminiscing...

A big chunky bracelet might be something that could be worn often...but then I'm a huge fan of chunky dangly bracelets!!!

What ever you make it will be gorgeous!

Dave Robertson said...

What's your deadline? If you have white beads, I think of a harlequin sort of color mix. Maybe a harlequin romance theme for Valentine's??

:) Dave
at Rings and Things

Elizabeth said...

Big chunky and funky bracelet is my vote. Maybe assymetrical? Have fun, most important.

Wendy T. Gibson said...

I got these little beauties recently from Rings & Things too but have been without a camera to show them off!

They are VERY unusual, although it is hard to discern that through photos! Their shapes are so unique, yet subtle.

Maybe I'm stuck in one mode right now, but these beads whisper Vampire Steampunk to me! I have just the thing to add! Soon I'll have something to wrap around a beautiful throat to show you! Buwahhaha! I mean, Happy New Year!