Friday, December 4, 2009

One More Glass Heart

Today's bead is the final glass heart that was gifted to me by a coworker. This is rather large and very sweet.

This pendant has glitter throughout the gold liner which would be perfect for the holidays.

You could use a simple cord or ready-made chain, but I'd love to see it hanging from a red choker wire.

With the addition of some large hole gold-dusty beads, I think it would be perfect!!

What do you think?


Kokopelli said...

This one looks like fireworks. Great pendant!

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful heart! Where or from whom can I buy one or several of these?

Azure Islands Designs said...

Great pendant...I like your idea Lisa...a red choker wire is perfect and gold beads would set it off nicely!!!


Lisa Crone said...

Hi there! I wanted to leave a note for Eileen who asked about where to find these. I believe these came from Joann, etc. You might be able to find them on their website.