Sunday, December 6, 2009

Peace, Love & Bead Bloggers!

So many beaders are in full holiday swing with craft shows happening all over the place, even one in my work building atrium on Friday.

If you have ever done an arts and crafts show you know all the work that goes into not just the jewelry making, but the design and setup of the table as well!!

Many of our fellow bead bloggers are also in full holiday swing! I love hearing about others' experiences with holiday jewelry making as well as holiday shows.

I went on the holiday craft show circuit for several years and loved every minute of it, including the hard work. I learned so much and had a wonderful time hanging out with crafty people!

If you have a chance, I hope you will join me on a quick breeze through the links below.

Have a great week! :) Jewelry Making Give a beaded jewelry gift that gives twice.
Art Bead Scene Be Inspired! Think about creating jewelry that tells a story.
Carmi's Art/Life World Carmi is selling jewelery in a show for the first time and is trying not to "jinx" her favorites!
Cindy Gimbrone aka The Lampwork Diva Meet the newest addition to the Through the Looking Glass Nugget Charm Family - Alice Blue!
Jean Campbell Jean discusses how Steampunk jewelry design fits into a larger "Poetic Couture"
Jewelry & Beading Cyndi is sharing a series of Gift Guides for handmade jewelry lovers!
Lorelei's Blog: Inside the Studio Taking ya back to the Open House 2008! Now stay tuned for pics for Open House 2009 on Dec. 5!
Snap out of it, Jean! There's beading to be done! The ever breathtaking beadmaker Kim Miles pulls out all the stops for the Holidays and gift giving. But that is not all! If you have the "secret word" on the secret day" every week, you get a fab discount!


Anonymous said...

Gods mill grinds slow but sure........................................

The Beading Gem said...

At a recent craft show, my bead sisters and I were next to a wonderful wood worker who made beautiful wooden toys. We swapped tips and stories. Fortunately, I have no more craft shows to do this side of Christmas.