Thursday, March 24, 2011

Time for Spring Designs!

I am hoping to find time this weekend to make some new spring jewelry!

I thought I would take a look back at some previous designs to get my creative thoughts churning.

I'd love to share your spring designs if you want to send them my way ( or leave a link in the comments.

I do love the colorful mix on the pastel softflex wire. That cool leafy clasp is magnetic and from the Jill MacKay collection.

I have no idea what happened to this bracelet!! I must have given it away. I could recycle that design with some new colorful beads...

The gold and green pieces are swarovski elements from

I just used large gold tone jump rings to hook all the components together. It was so easy!

The light green faceted briolettes are from

I wired them up into flowers and attached them to a simple choker wire, also from

Ahh, it feels good to celebrate spring!!


Carol D. said...

Oooooo! Love the green flower necklace. That is really a nod to spring and wouldn't it just feel great to wear it.

Anindita Basu said...

I love that pale green shade and the piece you made is beautiful. I wonder - would soft flex ,the very thin ones ( .10) be good as a knitting wire? So far I've only worked with very thin wire for bead knitting but adding elastic or soft flex wire may give another effect. That is what I am going to try this new season. Happy spring to you. Dita.

Anonymous said...

Great inspiration! Spring is green to me and you really captured it!

Patricia JL said...

I love that first one. It's so colorful! Beautiful designs.

Almost Precious said...

Beautiful pieces but the soft jade green necklace is a piece that steals the show. Just Gorgeous !!!

Just A Tish said...

That first bracelet has always been one of my favorites!
I am so ready for spring :)