Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Clip-on Swarovski Charms!'s a great day! I am loving these charms made with Swarovski crystals!!

When I heard Cousin DIY was sending its ambassadors some new Swarovski charms, I never expected them to be so cool and so substantial! 

As you can see, these all have a major WOW factor! Each of the ambassadors received five charms. Here are the ones I received. So fab and just perfect for me! I haven't seen the entire collection, but they are available exclusively at Michael's stores.

I wanted to make a jewelry project with one of them, but I also had a couple ideas about clipping charms onto other things in my little world. 

Because I was so fascinated by the Buddha charm which is even better in real life than in this picture, I knew I wanted to use it for something special. The charm itself is SO sparkly and magical on its own.

I use this old Clinique apple-shaped case to hold the mala I use for repeating my mantra. It used to have a little green leaf zipper pull, but I took that off and added the Buddha. And now it is perfect! 

I felt pretty special to have received my own birthstone charm for September which came with an adorable tiny little tag with the name of the month on one side and a little crystal on the other.

I thought it would add some much needed sparkle to my cell phone case, but actually the MARCH birthstone charm looked even better! That's my Dad's birthstone and since he passed away unexpectedly last month, I was pleased I received it and happy to find such a great place for it.

AND, last but not least, a jewelry project, yay! I was shocked that I just happened to have aqua and dark blue Crystazzi mirror beads on hand..haha! They look like they were made to go with the charm below! I love it when things come together so perfectly.

The evil eye charm is sooo amazing. Hopefully the opaly-ness and the heft of this charm come across in the picture.

The evil eye charm is meant to ward off or deflect evil away from yourself. I wore this yesterday and I felt quite protected, even if slightly distracted by the beauty of the sparkle. :)

Here are a few step by step photos: Get a bunch of eyepins together, add a bead, bend the eyepin to a 90 degree angle, use cutters to trim off the excess, leaving just enough wire for making a loop. Just before finishing off the loop with round nose pliers, add the next eyepin, then tighten down the loop. Just repeat that until you have the right amount of beads for the size of your wrist, then use open jump rings to add a toggle clasp and clip the evil eye charm to one of the jump rings using the lobster clasp on the charm. It's THAT easy! 

I hope you have enjoyed seeing these charms as much as I have. See you at Michael's! :)