Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The ultimate contrast: Swarovski crystals & pipe cleaners

OMG, I am totally loving this awesome contrast!  

When I bought a huge bag of these colorful pipe cleaners at Hobby Lobby, officially called "Spiral Chenille Stems" I figured I would just play around with them until the novelty of the bright colors and the quirky spiral wore off.

Sometimes I just like to play with good old fashioned craft supplies for their stress relieving properties. 

It just so happened I had these amazing Swarovski spikes laying out on my table too. I got curious about what the stems might look like with beads strung on and twisted around as a focal piece. 

To be perfectly honest, it was a week night and I was too tired to dig and sort through all my beads so I just opened the package at hand. Haha, who knew...laziness paid off!!

Once I added the clasp to the pink bracelet and had it on my wrist I discovered I needed to try another combo. Now I have one for each wrist.

Actually each of these combinations work for different reasons. The pink bracelet with the giant spikes feels a little rebellious. The purple chenille stem bracelet with the smaller Swarovski spikes is more surprising and fun than rebellious.

Yes, for some reason I seem to get an emotional response from jewelry. Need an extra helping of confidence, put on a strong piece of jewelry. Too much seriousness in my life, grab something colorful and youthful. 

Cheap therapy, right?

Glad I had a chance to share! I would love to hear your ideas for other quick and easy ways to use these chenille stems in jewelry making. :)