Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's a Creative Circle Blog Hop!

Happy spring!! It's 47 degrees in Ohio this morning and it feels like spring!

Like time, I think temperature is relative. People living in Florida might think 47 degrees is COLD! Ohioans will likely be wearing shorts and flip flops later on today, especially if it gets to 60.

Spring is the perfect time for something fresh and new and I'm excited to share some new designs today, yay! Thanks to fellow Cousin Creative Circle Ambassador, Dawn Doucette, we're having a blog hop!! Thanks Dawn!

She attended the most recent CHA and became inspired and filled with creativity. Dawn suggested all of the Ambassadors design some pieces using the same beads. A fun experiment in seeing how people design so differently.

I'm always up for something new! Special thanks to Shelly Owen for sharing the above pic of the supplies received.

I never really know how things are going to evolve until they do, so it's just as much a surprise to me as anyone else! I ended up making two bracelets and a necklace.

 I LOVE these metal leaves. They are perfect for making little bracelets by gently bending the leaf and adding a chain, so simple. The peace sign and tassle were already attached, so in keeping with my usual philosophy, this felt so easy and effortless.

The chain bracelet was also fun and easy! I'd never just quadrupled up the chain and added jump rings to the ends before, usually I would measure or count the links, this method made it come together very fast. The best part of the bracelet are the little sparkly rondelles nestled in among the chain strands. When it catches the light, it's a little bit of a surprise. :)

This sparkly necklace perfectly feeds my need for sparkle. Simple design, but definitely worth a double take because of the sparkliness.

Thanks again Dawn for the inspiration and the fun! It looks like a good time was had by all the Ambassadors, take a look:

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