Monday, June 20, 2016

Giving the gift of Buddha

What better to give a life coach than a sparkly, tasselly Buddha charm bracelet!?

This isn't what I originally planned to make when I sat down to bead.

I was going to make a version of the acrylic spikey bracelet from the last post.

However, all the tassels and the Buddha head charms were sitting on the beading table and I kept picking them up.

Before I knew it I was creating something completely different!

Love it when that happens and if I haven't said it recently, I LOVE MEMORY WIRE!

You don't have to worry about sizing a bracelet when using memory wire and that takes a lot of worry out of the process.

As much as I love memory wire, I ALSO love eliminating worry from my life! :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Fun with acrylic spikes!

You wouldn't think a spikey bracelet could also be pretty and sweet. 

I have to say I love that it's pretty much a contradiction of itself. These light amythest spikes from Walmart paired with a few glass pearls provided a simple way to feed my rebel spirit!

More often than not it seems that the beads are telling me what to do (if I let them).

When I pulled out the package of spikes, I wanted to create something a little more complex and was considering a right angle weave with faceted beads.

Thankfully, I followed my instincts of just keeping it simple.

These spikes have their own built in wow factor and didn't need any complicated pattern for added flair.

I'd love to see how you've used spikes in your projects. If you want to share, just leave a comment and include a link back to your blog or website. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Summertime fun: Macrame & Swarovski Crystals!

Wondering how to use leftover kumihimo cord? How about a little macrame?

This necklace pretty much designed itself. I knew I wanted to hang Swarovski dangles from it, but had no idea it would end up being frayed until the moment I was unraveling the ends. :)

It's always fun when you end up surprising yourself when making jewelry. This necklace was one of a handful I made for the Cousin Corporation to show off Swarovski crystals at the beginning of the year.

It's definitely my fave. The three long strands that dangle down the back make this the perfect beach necklace to wear with tank tops or bathing suits for a little extra flair.

Now I'm wishing I had some bright colored cord for a completely different look!

Leave a comment or email me if you'd like the instructions.

Have a great summer!