Sunday, March 13, 2011

Super Simple Gnome Earrings

Reason #1 that these earrings were so simple to make today was that I had already painted, decopauged and drilled a hole in them a year ago! :)

I can't believe I found them in the bottom of a bead box! I always think things like that are meant to be, so I didn't try to second or third guess myself about making "simple" earrings out of these decopauged wooden rounds.

These are plain wood rounds from the craft store. You usually get about 10 or so in a bag for a couple bucks.

I remember creating these using pictures of my real-life gnomes with a different picture for the front and back, but completely forgot
whatever happened to them.

So, even if you aren't a gnome fan, you could consider using the same technique with kids pics, your blog title/pic, book cover if you are an author, OR if you really want to have a conversation piece, put your own photo on a pair of earrings!!

How fun would that be? :)

I hope you have had a wonderfully creative and fun weekend!


flyingbeader said...

Lisa! Those are wonderful! Love them

Lacey said...

I'm not particularly a gnome fan, but I think the general idea is great. I was thinking pictures of newborn babies for new moms, or graduation pictures for proud moms of recent graduates...the possibilities are endless. Thanks again for overloading my already stretched to the limit "want to do" list!!