Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Final Deco-post

Oh my gosh, you guys!!

After this post, I promise I will stop obsessing about decopauge!! :)

I just love a good obsession-fest!

While "googling" how to decopauge jewelry, I came across these bamboo tiles that look so fabulous as pictured here.

Check out this link for lots of related products. I've never seen this site before and for probably the millionth time in my life I have to give thanks to the universe and all the wonderfully creative and smart people who created the internet!!

Enjoy!! :)


Anonymous said...

Its a cool like. May have to get some to play with.

Almost Precious said...

Must admit those bamboo tiles would be perfect for decoupage or to paint on. Being bamboo they'd weigh hardly anything and would be wonderful for earrings. I can not wear heavy earrings at all and what some people consider light and comfortable would give me throbbing earlobes and a headache.

Charlene said...

I had not been to that site before - but I love them. Thanks for sharing. Gorgeous!

Mel C said...

I have ordered from Rubber Nation several times before. Their prices are perhaps not the cheapest around but they have fun stuff, and the service I've had in the past from them has been excellent.