Saturday, January 9, 2010

This Week's Project: Springy Winter White Sparkles

This week's project is a fun, springy, wintery white pair of earrings. Since my hair has gotten a bit longer, these are the perfect length so the sparkly dangle seems to just float in mid-air and looks very fun!

I had mentioned earlier in the week, the springy part of these earrings were previously twisted wire stars from Rings & Things.

Unraveled from the star shape, they have become a perfectly rigid "spring" to hang some dangly beads from. Pretty simple, but at the same time a tad unusual, hey, that sounds just like a description of me! :)

I hope you are all having a fun weekend! I also wanted to take a minute here
to thank Susan, most commonly known as "Capitola Girl". She just received a copy of my new book, "A Bead in Time" and blogged about it earlier today. I was having a moment AGAIN of "I'm not worthy"!!

When I first started blogging, I came across her blog which is so beautiful and professionally done, but I really connected with her jewelry designs because there is always something unique about them that really appeals to me.

Thanks so much "Capitola Girl"!!!


Kokopelli said...

Simply perfect! :-)

Laura Trevey said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment! Happy Sunday to you ~~


Azure Islands Designs said...

Lovely earrings Lisa...what a great way to use the springs!!!

Nice post by Capitola Girl...I'm still waiting for my copy! is way behind isn't supposed to be in until January 21st!!!

cleobytheseao said...

I adore making spring beads, they're so effective. Btw, your book is eagerly anticipated here in the UK on the 28th. :)

Pearl and Pebble said...

These are so fun and pretty!!!

Pretty Things said...

Oh those are awesome!

Rose said...

Those look perfect for a date-night. So pretty!

Dave Robertson said...

- Love it! Thanks for deconstructing the star links! Job well done :)

at Rings & Things

Lorelei said...

pretty pretty!