Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fun Foam Craft Jewelry

I bought a container of these fun foam snowflakes a couple of years ago to use in holiday crafts and I have quite a few leftover. I was just thinking there are quite a few things you could do with these to craft some jewelry pieces.

I am not sure if paint adheres to the fun foam, but I have done my fair share of glittering fun foam and it holds just fine. My first thought is to keep them white, glitter them up with diamond dust, add earring wires and dangle a couple of crystals from the bottom.

You could also very easily link these together to form a fun bracelet. I'm thinking of all the interesting embellishments out there nowadays that could be glued to them.

Any other ideas? I was thinking it would be fun to make a few pairs for friends.


Azure Islands Designs said...

They would make great earrings, or you could use three and make a bracelet with crystals in between, or a long necklace with these spaced with crystals and chain...


Cathryn said...

I thought of the long rope necklace myself! How interesting! You could use pale crystals in between the flakes!

Kokopelli said...

They would make great earrings, as the material is very lightweiht and you can use all kinds of embellishment on them. Maybe glue-on rhinestones, glitter, wire.

TesoriTrovati said...

I think that I would attach them to something a bit stiffer...chipboard? I know that you can paint them...I even gessoed them once since the color was off. If you dabbed on paint that was in golds and bright jewel tones and such it would look like a sari or an arabesque design. You could then embellish with some glue on crystals or something. Not that I've done this...I am just "what iffing!"
Enjoy the day!