Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Uses for Existing Beads

I just discovered a new use for an existing bead as the result of a beading mishap! Those are the best kind of discoveries too! Just when you think your project or idea has taken a turn for the worse, you find there is something new right before your eyes!

I just LOVED these silver plated stars that I mentioned back in October. It wasn't until I recently made the mistake of wiring one of them too tightly into a project that I discovered I could stretch it out to make a nice, solid spring!

When I was trying to detatch the star from the other beads, I pulled so hard it started to stretch. I liked the look so I made it even longer.

I am going to connect a big sparkly crystal to the end of it and can't wait to get started!!


Cathryn said...

I want to see it when you're finished! Looks interesting at this point!

Davinia said...

That's very nifty, will you show us how you attach the crystal when it's finished? I'd love to see it.

Mortira said...

I love those moments where an "Oops" turns into and "Aha!".

Tonia said...

Hooray for happy accidents!

Azure Islands Designs said...

Very is fun when what you think is a mistake, turns into a good thing!!!

I'm curious to see how you make out!!!