Friday, January 29, 2010

Featured Designer: Velo Gioielli

As I was perusing Etsy earlier this week, I came across this week's featured designer's site entitled, "Velo Gioielli".

You are going to be so glad you stopped by when you see this extremely COOL and ORIGINAL jewelry designer who works with recycled bicycle parts!!

The gentleman responsible for this design work explains on his etsy site that many people ask what the words "Velo Gioielli" mean. Here is an excerpt from his profile:

"Velo" is bike or bicycle in French and "Gioielli" is jewelry in Italian. Two great cycling cultures. Velo Gioielli! Cycling is my passion. I ride cyclocross, road and trail. Race, tour and mountian bike. I love all things bike! This handmade bike jewelry is another extension of that love. I create jewelry for those in mind with a passion for cycling from repurposed, recycled parts. When I started bending and twisting up my first bike spoke bracelet I had no idea it would lead to all this. There is a lot more to come so keep checking back for newer items. I try to add something every few days to keep it fresh. He does custom work including size, colors and materials based on requests.

I had a serious jaw dropping moment when I saw the bike spoke bracelet with the red swarovski rondelles. THEN, I saw the piece made with an inner tube that had this description:

Uniquely crafted cuff made from cut bicycle inner tube and adorned with a stunning turquoise blue stone. It is affixed to the wrist with a piece of bike chain that acts as a clasp to complete a cycling themed accessory.

If you have a few extra minutes, you won't be sorry clicking over to this site. WOW!! I'm amazed over and over, what an innovative way of using recycled parts for unique and clever wearable art.
Thanks a bunch to Brian for allowing me to show his work here.

Have a great weekend everyone!


cleobytheseao said...

Innovative seems an understatement. :) I marvel at the minds and hands of those who can take such a commonplace item and turn it into something truly remarkable. Great find! Thank you.

Angela said...

I was expecting to see a lot of big and chunky, but no, such pretty earring made from bike chain. Very clever!

Little Glory said...

Very interesting work! Bravo! :)

Be~Jeweled by Jana said...

Amazing! Beautiful jewelry and such a unique idea. Thanks for sharing!

Cathryn said...

It's amazing what we can come up with and how we can reuse parts to make interesting jewelry! I love it!

Brian said...

Thank you so much for featuring my work and the kind words from everyone. I also wanted to give credit to my mother. We have both inspired each other with these creations and the experience has been wonderful! My mom has been making jewelry for some time. When I brought the idea to her about using bike parts and showed her what I invisioned it went off like a bottle rocket. Now we get together regularly to show what we have been thinking about and create pieces together. I have been moving toward opening a booth at our local outdoor market in Portland, Or. We are so excited to see people enjoy our work. Thanks Mom! :)