Friday, January 23, 2009

Pearls and Crystals

I just assembled these earrings so I'd have something new to wear to an event tomorrow. Both the pearl and the large bicone are 10mm, each with a 4mm clear ab bicone on one side. For some reason I greatly enjoy mixing gold and silver tones rather than just going with one or the other. It seems sort of balanced to me. In my earlier beading days, I would have used gold findings and a gold 4mm bicone on either end of these beads since the pearl is sort of gold-toned.

I guess that just happens over time. We might not realize how much we evolve and change our perspective on things in life every day. Sometimes it takes a bit of reflection to realize it. Change is constant and must be embraced. (Okay, I guess I threw in one of my mantras). I find that it helps to remind myself of this especially when new things come my way that I wasn't prepared for.

I hope you all have fun and crafty plans for the weekend! Take care!

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