Monday, January 12, 2009

Goldfish Cracker Bead

Wow, you had better be sure not to leave this bead sitting around the kitchen. It might be mistaken for a cracker! Is this the cutest thing or what?

If you know anyone hooked on these snacks, it would make a fun piece of jewelry. Maybe add some popcorn, candy and soft drink beads and it's a snacker's dream come true. I was also thinking these fish beads would be surprising as dangles on a wood or macrame bracelet. Here's a photo of the one I was thinking about. Wouldn't this be cute with a few little fishes thrown in as dangles?

I hope you had a nice transition back into the work week!

1 comment:

Carole said...

I'm a goldfish cracker fan so the bead would be right up my alley. lol

What is it made of?

I visited Dava Bead today and actually had restraint. Part of it was because I was with someone and she didn't want to look around, so I felt like I couldn't spend much time. I just got a handful of beads. Unfortunately there's only one of these bead shops left and it's not very accessible for me. Maybe that's not so All of the bead stores I really like are quite some distance.

If you're interested...