Saturday, January 3, 2009

MORE $1.00 Clearance Items

Hello! I couldn't wait to post these beads, so instead of a bracelet, I wanted to show you the awesomely cool plastic links that I found for $1.00 at Michael's. All of these were in one package and are over an inch long. They sure made me think of the cat's eye glasses of the 1950's that were so popular! You've got to love that look. They had a similar vibe to today's rectangular black glasses that are so popular.

If only I had a bedazzler! I'm not familiar enough with the bedazzler to know if you can bedazzle hard objects or just clothing. Anyway, I know there is a heat tool that you can use to adhere rhinestone or swarovski crystals to a number of surfaces.

Even though these oblong links would look great linked together with silver jump rings, I really think they are calling out to be crystallized! What do you think?

Have a great weekend!

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Carole said...

I have some green rings like that. I had an idea of how to use them (with jump rings like you mention), but it didn't turn out quite as I had envisioned. Now they sit waiting for another idea to come to mind.