Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lifesaver Bracelet

This week's bracelet is made with the strand of "lifesaver" beads that I found on clearance a couple weeks ago at Michael's. I used the smaller beads in yesterday's earrings. I originally thought I'd be placing crystals in the middle of the circles, but I liked the candy-like effect of the open circle. I ran headpins through each of the holes and made loops on the outside of the beads.

When I first started making the bracelet I used cream colored pearls and had it just about done when I thought it needed a little more contrast with a darker colored pearl. I'd like to have both of them done and place them side by side to decide for sure, but I only have one strand of beads!

Anyway, this was a fun one, I used headpins for all the connectors. I just clipped off the ends and made them into loops. Once all the pieces are done, it's a fun little puzzle to put together.

I hope you are all having a nice weekend!!

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Anonymous said...

How pretty! I like the contrasting colors - looks very 'classy'.