Thursday, January 15, 2009

Foot Shaped Bead

Are my eyes playing tricks on me or is this bead shaped like a foot? I was looking through my collection of beads and thought this was a broken bead. When I picked it up I was happily surprised to see that it looked like a foot! I just did an internet search for foot shaped beads and couldn't find anything that matched. I'm sure this came in a bead mix, but I have no idea where or when I bought it.

The hole is through the part of the foot close to the ankle. I'm not entirely sure yet how this one would be best used. Definitely in a humorous piece, that's for sure. This bead is so shiny, but doesn't stand out immediately as a body part, you could sneak it into a design and surprise someone when they realized what it was. Please share any thoughts you have about this one. If I am really seeing things, don't hesitate to tell me that too! Have a good one!

By the way, after reading a comment from yesterday's "buckeye bead" blog post, I thought I had better update it with some additional information about the buckeye for individuals living outside of Ohio. I have added a link to a cute site that sells jewelry that incorporates real buckeye nuts in their designs! I have also added a link to a site for anyone interested in making the yummy chocolate and peanut butter candies that are made to resemble the buckeye.

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Salzanos said...

it Does look like a foot! I have always loved beads, and thankfully my husband does too, when he travels he always looking for me! ;-)

Thank you too, for commenting on my blog. I am still learning all this blogging, and loving it!