Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sparkles in the Mail!

Guess whose beads came today...!

Ooh, these are sort of mouth watering if you know what I mean!!

Things like this make me want to surround myself in Swarovski Crystals or at the very least have a giant bowl of them that I can run my fingers through.

Of course, I would need to have a flourescent light fixture overhead too! Do people live in bead stores? That would be EXCELLENT!

I don't think I would be there alone either! How about a Swarovski retirement ranch?

It's possible that I'm getting carried away with the sparkle again!

I love this little container these top drilled bicones came in from Artbeads.com! I just wish I had time right now to get started on this project!

Working with top drilled beads is a lot of fun and sometimes is as simple as just stringing them up together. They form a very magnificent looking 3-dimensional piece quickly!

I'm thinking of using these in a necklace at this point even though I usually go for bracelets. We'll see...

I hope your new week and new YEAR is off to a great start!! :)


Anonymous said...

wooohhoooo, so shiny twinkle !! i think, you are happy with this ;))

Courtney said...

So beautiful! Love sparklies, and yes, all for the Swarovski Retirement Ranch! :)

Vicki said...

Swarovski sparkles like nothing else. I made some Swarovski earrings today for a friend.
They are a joy to work with, I don't think I will ever tire of the brilliant sparkle of these beads.

Cheryl's Jewelry Minute said...

I love looking at Swarovski anything but I end up spending way more then I should....I get a little carried away with them

Charlene said...

These are gorgeous and I always love that each comes tucked in its own little bed.