Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Easy & Effortless

Okay, I have to admit I'm having way too much fun with these metal stamps from PJ Tool & Supply!! I am still hooked on stamping on wood and remembered I had these craft disks that I found a couple years ago at JoAnn, etc.

I have quite a few in this large size and an entire bag of 8 in a 1 x 1/8 in. size!!

Since I don't have a real workshop to use these, I have been using a very small anvil that my husband suggested as well as a household hammer. I have the little anvil on a good sized paperback book on my desk and it seems to be working well.

It's been rather "easy & effortless"! I was trying to work that in so I could tell you about my latest project. In addition to being hooked on the wood stamping, I think I am hooked on this gold leafing pen! Maybe it's the paint smell, I don't know! :)

This affirmation about life is one that I learned very early on in my relationship with a life coach! I am involved in a couple of classes provided by Life Coach, Dawn Nocera, and I sincerely believe she has discovered her divine calling! She is so kind, intuitive, intelligent, caring, giving and loving, I wish she could be cloned so everyone had someone in their life like her!

I'm going to drill holes on either side of this disk and use it as a focal piece in a bracelet! :)

As always, PLEASE share your thoughts regarding metal or wood stamping! I need to learn! THANKS!


French Elegant Jewelry said...

I've done metal but not wood I should try this on my big wood heart blanks.

TesoriTrovati said...

I never thought of wood. Inspired idea! I love stamping on copper. My husband brought home these little stampings that are tin coated thin metal (maybe steel?) that he thought I could use in circles and some really funky tab shape. Says they recycle thousands of those away in big bins. He might start bringing me home a few handfuls to play with. I am not sure if the metal will patina, but it is worth a try. I have been using my stamps (I think they might be from PJ Tool) on clay. I would like a deeper stamp set so that I don't get the ghost from the die in it, but it is great to find other uses for them!
Enjoy the day!

Miss Val's Creations said...

Stamping looks so fun! I have never tried it but it must require a lot of practice! ~Val

Softflexgirl said...

I love stamping. There are endless possibilities. It truly is easy and effortless. :)