Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chandelier Parts in Jewelry

After receiving a comment from Lacey on yesterday's post, I just had to share it today. I asked if anyone had used swarovski prisms in their jewelry pieces.

She wrote, "I've never used them, but I often plot on "stealing" the chandelier at the Chinese restaurant here in town!! All those pretty shiny sparkly crystals....I'd be in heaven!!! Taking it apart would also feed my destructive streak!!"

Thanks Lacey! I got the biggest kick out of that and began to wonder about using chandelier pieces and parts in jewelry.

I did a google search on "chandelier parts" and found a number of cool sites. This one was very intriguing, This link in particular.

I haven't been to a tag sale or flea market for quite a while, but I would bet you can find some cool parts there too.

As always, please share any stories you might have about using chandelier parts in jewelry or if you know of a great place to get them!


Lacey said...

I checked out those links, and I must say that there are immense possibilities there!! Just looking through the pictures made me want to place an order. I was sitting here at the computer talking to myself about what I could do with several of the different pieces! Maybe I'll place an order soon and see what I can come up with.

Karen said...

I found this link:
It seems they have beautiful items, their items are well shown, with lot of video

Anonymous said...

There is a wholesle site wfor crystal prisms with a huge selection (both Swarovski and other) and awesome prices :

I get mine from them . Lowest prices and excellent serive.