Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Vintage Spring

Based on the calendar, we all know spring is here or at least right around the corner.

While in real life, here in Central Ohio, it doesn't exactly feel like spring with temperatures in the 40's, we have to cling to the fact that the calendar says it's SPRING!

We are hopeful the sun will shine very soon! In preparation for that, I am working on a charm bracelet for the next Artbeads.com blogger challenge called, "What's Old is New Again"!

SO, I chose LOTS of vintage beads from the Artbeads.com online catalog!! I can't wait to share them all with you this week.

When I photographed tonight's beads together, I have to admit, the old Nuprin commercial crossed my mind..."little, yellow, different". Cute, but so true! These beads are both yellow, but SO different!

Both are adorable and will complement each other perfectly in a very eclectic and jangly charm bracelet for spring! :) Thanks ARTBEADS.COM!!


Mary C said...

Hello! I just placed an order with ArtBeads for assorted Swarovski's. Oh how I adore that shop!!

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