Monday, May 2, 2011

Polymer Clay Blending

You know what the best thing is about having my own blog? Being able to change the rules as needed!

I received an email today from our good friend and polymer clay tutor, Cindy Lietz, with a special offer for everyone.

While this kind of info is usually saved for Friday's post, I didn't want to waste any time sharing!

Cindy is granting free access to one of her video tutorials for a limited time and as a "wanna-be" polymer clay designer, I got over there as soon as I could!

I am very intrigued by polymer clay, but have discovered I need step by step instruction! For some reason it doesn't come naturally to me as I think it should.

After watching this 12 minute video entitled, Teardrop Blend Shift, I GET IT!

Cindy takes you through the color choices, forming the clay and a number of trips through the pasta machine to get a beautiful rainbow effect. She then introduces another color for "shift" blending. Very cool and very simple!!

Thanks a million Cindy!!


Dee said...

Lisa has great videos. I don't do clay, but I thought about it, and her videos were the first thing I watched...great giveaway for anyone interested in learning from a great teacher.

Anonymous said...

Very cool!

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Thanks Lisa for getting the word out about my Teardrop Blends! Isn't is so great not to have to measure the triangles anymore? I know that making multiple color blends the old way can be intimidating for many beginners. Now it is so easy and fast, anyone can do it!

roseworksjewelry said...

Sounds like a great tutorial :)