Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Family Photo

I feel so proud of this little bead family for some reason. It all started with the green bead that seems to be smiling!

I love the diversity of shapes, sizes and textures...

AND the fact that they seem to work so well together! Hopefully that's true for all families.

While pondering this concept, I was reminded of a website
that I couldn't resist telling you about. I just headed over there to make sure it was still an active site and once again was pulled in and went through at least 10 pages of photos.

Awkward Family Photos is a unique website that allows anyone to submit photos that seem a little awkward. My favorites are the ones from the same time period that I was a kid. I can relate to the hair and clothing styles and the awkwardness that sometimes goes with being a kid in a family. :)

You might even dig up a photo to share on that site. There is one in my family that would be perfect, standing in my Grandma's driveway behind my parent's 1970's conversion van with the awkwardness and attitude only the teenage years can bring! :)



Anonymous said...

LOL I will have to check that out the ones from the early 70s are definitely the funniest! Love that bead mix too!

Almost Precious said...

Nice bead mix. Now the smiley beads have something to really be happy about as they are surrounded by some really pretty and complimenting beads.

I'll have to check out the family photo link though I know I won't be sharing any of my awkward photos, I prefer to keep those hidden within my own family albums. :D

Unknown said...

It's amazing how all the different colors, textures, and shapes combine so beautiful in this bead mix. I love them all!

Clamworks said...

Nice collection...kinda reminds me of a mondern twist on the avocado and harvest gold kitchens from back in the day :)

JS Grame-Smith said...

It is amazing bead mix and also great color combination as well as wonderful design creativity.Thanks for sharing this blog.

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