Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Framing Photos in Jewelry

Here are the main ingredients to making a fun piece of photo jewelry! This chain is "open link burnished silver" by Blue Moon Beads from the local craft store.

The fun frame is a "pewter oval label holder" by Making Memories which came from Michael's craft store.

Now all it needs is a photo and a crafty glue product to seal it up!

Have you ever had a project in your mind and no matter how many jewelry or craft websites or local stores you visit, you can't find EXACTLY what you need?

That is what happened while I was putting the gnome necklace together the first time around. After some calming breaths and probably a little meditation, I got back up and went on one last shopping trip where I found everything I needed! Ahh, what a great feeling and well worth the determination! :)


Anonymous said...

I love when that happens!

Barbara Lewis said...

Persistence pays off ... including hanging in while Blogger fixed their stuff! Finally I can post!

Almost Precious said...

Yes some times it seems that either no place carries what I'm looking for or everybody has bought what I'm looking for. But what a wonderful feeling when you are able to find all those lovely findings and components that you need ... it's like finding a treasure chest.