Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Swarovski Crystal Admiration (Day 3)

CRYSTAL VOLCANO! Wow, what an exciting name for a swarovski
crystal pendant!

It must be so great to sit in a room and name new swarovski colors! :) I wonder if the person who came up with crystal volcano got some kind of bonus or special gold star award. It sure is unique and stands above many of the rest and not just in name alone.

The crystal volcano bead appears to be some kind of prism or aurora borealis type finish so you can see various different colors when the light shines on it.

This particular bead is 24 x 12mm and quite perfect! :)

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Anonymous said...

I love the color!

Almost Precious said...

It's a gorgeous Swarovski creation, with the fire and life that one would expect of an active volcano.

Klassy Joolz said...

A really beautiful bead!!!

Isabel said...

very eye-catching bead. I love Swarovski touches when I make jewelry. I am brand-spankin new to the blogging world, and would be so grateful if you checked out my blog and commented or followed. Your bead a day idea is genius,and I will post a link on my blog. Thanks!