Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Eclectic is the Best-ic

I LOVE an eclectic bead AND button mix!! Spilling all of these out on a white background got my crafting energy going! These are just calling out to be crocheted together!!

A close up look at a mix like this helps you to see how cool and unique each bead (and button) is.

There are times when you don't have an extra minute to really appreciate every bead which is why I enjoy pointing them out, not just to you, but to myself!

This is part of the sweet gift package mentioned in yesterday's post that I received from super crafter, "The Creative Goddess", Vicki O'Dell! THANKS VICKI!!

I wore my last crocheted bracelet until I could wear it no longer and somehow when my jewelry pieces get to that point, they sort of creep into the shadows and disappear.

I know that sounds really strange, but I have no idea what happens to some of them! As soon as I get the feeling that I'm done with them, they are gone. Has anyone else ever experienced something like that? It's okay if not, I do realize I have unique issues sometimes :)


jamberry_song said...

I have that problem, too! Once in a while, I'll be going through some stuff and will find bits of a worn-out piece. I'll be like, "Oh, my gosh! I remember this. So THAT'S what happened to it!" XD Then I can use those bits to make something new. I agree---putting out beads is inspiring for sure!

Anonymous said...

What type of crochet will you do????