Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy Jewelry!

I'm thinking about creating a new "happy" bracelet... something that makes me smile and expresses my happiness OR helps me find my happiness in challenging times.

So many of the things that I make seem to fit that description so maybe that's my entire purpose for creating jewelry, "express happiness" or "find happiness"!!!

But I am wondering if the things I create only speak this to me or if others get it too.

Maybe each individual must create their own version of happy since someone might find blue happy while others find that red expresses their happiness.

I think you can be literal and include smiley faces or you can use your favorite colors or even favorite patterns (right angle weave with CRYSTALS)!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this if you have a minute.

This might be a theme for a few days...

In the mean time, here are a few things I have made that make me feel happy!


Kokopelli said...

That is interesting, so thanks for blogging about this topic! First thing is that jewelry making/beading in general makes me happy, because it is an expression of my creative self. Then there are colors: for most people blue expresses a silent mood and calms them down. For me blue is my fav color and expresses joy and happiness. And then there are jewelry pieces that simply make me smile when I look at them, like for example my sun necklace from my planet series.

Dawn Doucette said...

I love happiness. I too like it when a piece of jewelry I make just beams happiness back at me. I think there are certain colors and mediums that really do just exude happiness.

How can one not smile at beautiful, sparkly crystals. Or Bright orange, pink or yellow... they naturally make people smile. I remember reading your book when I first got it and the dandelion ring you shared the picture of - it made me smile just reading about it. Reason being... it brought back memories of childhood... bouquets for my mom, dandelion wreath and chains, etc.

Whatever makes you feel happy, you need to follow that inspiration. Happiness is sooooo important - especially as people are under more stress than ever before.

Have a HAPPY day Lisa!


EB Bead and Metal Works, LLC said...

For mom and I making our enameled copper bowls and pendants make us happy, especially when we receive positive feedback about the pieces. We love the colors of the enamels and experimenting with the colors to see what happens.
It also makes me happy when mom and I can collaborate on a piece (enameled pendant with our lampwork glass beads) and it turn out great - that always brings a smile to our faces.

Ellen said...

I find that bracelets have been making me the most happy recently. I think it is because I can look at my arm so easily during the day and smile at my creation. I only see earrings in the mirror and necklaces are hard to see also. Color is not as important to me as something unique (a charm, button, special bead) included in the bracelet. If I got the unique piece on a vacation, then my mind will go straight to that trip. Nice topic

Elizabeth said...

I think we all create to be happy, those of us who are "creatives". I believe you must please yourself with a design first and others will follow.

Nice topic, love the bracelet.

Regina said...

A Happy Sunday to you! Beading, beads, anything to do with beads makes me happy. The beads speak and I obey and that makes me happy. I am not quite sure if life was meant to be this simple.

BeadXilla said...

yes to happiness. happy colors, happy synchronistic texture,materials,vintage and new combo's.happy is the beader when creating. happy is the reciever when wearing something new. funny thing about beading even making mistakes and not being able to figure out a pattern makes me happy because i am in the process of playing. keep in your happy place!

http://www.bead-z-mommys-business.com said...

Beading makes me happy. Some days it may be a simple project of a pair of earrings, some days a more elaborate wire knitting with beads in them. But playing with the beads is what makes us happy.

Right now I am down with sciatica and cannot sit for long. So I am doing designs on the paper mostly.

I hope soon I can go from two dimension to three.


TinaS said...

This is an interesting topic. Certain colors make me happy. When making jewelry, I tend to gravitate towards pinks, greens, and especially purples. I need to remember that others like different colors, so I need to vary it up a bit!

As for a piece of "happy jewelry" for me, I am currently working on a charm bracelet. Each charm reminds me of a significant moment or just a happy thing/person in my life. Some things are: teacher charm, MOM in SS alpha blocks, 2006 graduation cap (when I got my M.Ed.), and many more....