Thursday, May 13, 2010

Airy Drop Bead & Offer to be Featured!

Today's bead was a gift that I received recently for teaching a new beader how to make the beaded "bauble". (The 12 bicone, right angle bauble with the magic trick at the end).

It is always so much fun to show people because of the magical part when you pull the two wires and it forms a ball.

When she offered me several of these beads, I didn't want to take them because I have SO MANY beads already, but she really wanted me to have at least one of them.

So, here it is!

She has since made herself a pair of earrings and a simple dangle necklace out of them. They are so CUTE!

I would like to use my drop bead in a necklace too, I'm thinking of using one or more of the softflex colors and adding LOTS of colorful sparkle too!

Why can't it be Saturday morning?!! That's such a great time for me to bead! I can't wait!

Offer to be featured:
I also wanted to take a minute here and will do this again over the next week or so, to let you all know that during the summer months, I would like to partner with you and open up the Friday Featured Designer post to 12 bead and jewelry designers who would like to be featured.

Just send me an email at with links to each of your sites and any info you want to make sure that I mention.

This is a new approach for me, but I was just thinking how easy it is to miss out on some wonderful artists. I will post them beginning in June in the order that I receive the emails.

Yay! So exciting!


moonlitfantaseas said...

do you have a tutorial for the 12 bicone right angle bauble? I would love to know how to make it

Dawn Doucette said...

Magic tricks always make us feel happy and wonderful like we're kids again! :) Love the teardrop. I can picture summery colored softflex with other sparkley, beautiful beads. It'll look great my dear!

I wish it were Saturday too! We just have Friday to get through first! Have a super wonderful evening Lisa!


Be~Jeweled by Jana said...

What a great idea for your Friday Featured Artists! I know what a wonderful feeling it is to be featured on your blog! I bet you'll be getting lots of email!

The weekend is almost here...Enjoy!

Davinia said...

I agree with Jana, having been featured on your blog I know how exciting it is. Friday Feature artist is a fantastic idea and it give us, your followers, the chance to see lots of interesting and creative artists.

Amy said...

I would love the tutorial for the 12 bicone right angle bauble. It looks soooo pretty

Azure Accessories said...

Love the bead...I do agree color & sparkle will do the trick!!! :0)