Tuesday, May 25, 2010

RV Jewelry Charms

I just couldn't resist showing you these!! Tomorrow it will be back to beads as usual, BUT this was too fun to pass up!

These RV/camper/motorhome charms were found on a site called RV Art Gallery!

When you click on this link you will see 15 different RV related charms. These were my faves!!

Once we take our RV trip, I would like to figure out how to work some photos into jewelry. That's ALWAYS a fun craft project!

Okay, I know I'm obsessing, but thanks for letting me!! It's so nice to have something fun to look forward to!

I hope you will enjoy this right along with me!!


mywifesstudio said...

How cute are these!!

Kokopelli said...

I'll have to forward the link to one of my friends who's a fulltime RVer.

Anonymous said...

These little RV Charms are Adorable. I have been learning Polymer Clay, making an RV Charm it at the top of the list.=)Thanks Dagi for the info