Monday, May 31, 2010

Magical Crystally Charm

I found this charm over the weekend at a local bead shop, Ally Beads.

I have no idea how this works, but the multi-color flower inside goes around and around...OR does nothing but sit there.

I knew as soon as my husband saw this he would want to take it apart, but I saved it from happening. We checked it for a magnet, it does not appear to work by magnet. So, we think it must just be weighted in an interesting way.

I posted a picture of both the front and the back in case you have ideas on how this works.
By the way, they had some that were all clear, all blue or all purple. I knew the multi-color was for me as soon as I saw it!

If you put it down and then up, it will go around several times. Try to get it to do it on demand and it WON'T!

Crazy, but in a good way! I love jewelry you can play with!

I hope you all had a wonderful long holiday weekend!! Back to reality tomorrow, have a great week! :)


Anonymous said...

simply a tricky tool i think ;)

Kokopelli said...

Sadly my grandpa isn't alive anymore, as he was a watchmaker and might have known how it works. But definitely a cool charm!

Azure Accessories said...

I like the charm...even it's magical aspect!!! Great fun...

Cat said...

I've seen these at the "big box" craft store too. They are really pretty and I will admit I was mesmerised and played with it for a few minutes, but I don't know how it works either. Maybe one of the five "petals" is weighted more than the others and that's what makes it spin?