Monday, May 10, 2010

Sweet Little Birdies

I know there is some "awwww"-ing going on!! These birds are ADORABLE! They are mother of pearl and very small. The stringing hole runs through the body vertically just behind the head.


I went on another treasure hunting trip with a co-worker, actually now a retired former co-worker (boo hoo)!

Last week was her first week as a retiree and I talked her into coming by to pick me up a few hours early on Friday. Our plan was to visit some gift shops in a nearby historic district which we had heard carried beads and jewelry.

Sure enough, the first shop we visited was very eclectic with lots of fun, artsy jewelry AND beads! I couldn't resist these birdie beads! I found a couple other interesting beads on our trip which I will share this week.

We were thinking we ought to make our treasure hunting excursions a monthly event and maybe, if I get a digital video camera, share our experiences!

This sounds like so much fun and I really need to check out you-tube more because I would bet there are many people who share their bead shopping experiences!

If you know of any videos out there that I can put some links up to, let me know!!

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Miss Val's Creations said...

These birds are so sweet. They will be tons of fun to work with!