Friday, May 7, 2010

Featured Designer: Mary Ann Carroll

This week's featured designer is Mary Ann Carroll of Homer, New York. Not only is she a gifted ceramic bead designer, she is also a special education teacher.

It's amazing the time people find to create when they are driven by their passion!

When I came across Mary Ann's blog, I was first drawn to this pendant called, "Flower Bed". The colors are so watery, yet bright at the same time.

It just makes me feel good looking at it and would be great in a necklace you could wear all summer!

From her blog, Mary Ann has a quick link over to her etsy shop so you can peruse the entire inventory.

That's where I came across this peace sign pendant that is titled, "Me & Bobby McGee" which I flipped for because I have an obsessive love for Janis Joplin! :)

Now, the cool part....I arranged with MaryAnn a few weeks ago to showcase her talents as the featured designer and a number of other things came up until now.

When I popped over to her blog this evening to prepare this post, it just so happens that she has a GIVEAWAY going on that started today! YAY! How cool is that?

So, head on over to today's blog post and follow the instructions to get entered to win a batch of fabulous ceramic beads!

Have a great weekend everyone!! AND, thanks so much Mary Ann for allowing me to share your work!

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Artisan Beads Plus said...

Thanks so much Lisa for featuring me on your wonderful blog! I'm honored!!! MaryAnn