Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Ahhh....blue! What a super-extra-fabulous shade of blue!!

These are Swarovski 5328 5mm XILION Capri Blue Bicones from Artbeads.com and I just LOVE them!

First, the word "blue" makes me happy, add the word "xilion" and then "Swarovski" and my head starts to spin!

This capri blue is such a gorgeous color...deep blue, but bright at the same time. This is very reminiscent the most beautiful blue sky or fabulous ocean.

You know, I think I would be happy with a right angle weave bracelet made with JUST these beads! I'm going to have to think on that!

Have a great evening! I wish you the most fabulous swarovski crystal bead dreams!

FTC compliance disclosure: the items in this post from Artbeads.com were provided as a promotional gift as part of their bead blogger program for review or design purposes.


Dawn Doucette said...

Holy Cats Lisa, you're posting mighty late tonight... but I know for certain those beads are A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y beautiful! I Love that shade of blue too!

I'm going to have blue dreams tonight... like taking a tropical vacation and staring at the beautiful blue ocean... Ahhhhh bliss! Can't wait to see the bracelet when your imagination designs it!


Azure Accessories said...

Gorgeous crystals...of course the color is perfect!!!


Be~Jeweled by Jana said...

Thank you, Lisa! :)

affordable jewelry making tools said...

fantastic blue crystal beads! beautiful piece for any jewelries! thanks for sharing

Stefanie said...

Capri Blue is my favorite! regards Stefanie

Kokopelli said...

The Capri blue bicones are amongst my fav colors! Plus I received some of the cute little butterflies from a generous person. Color: light amethyst. Perfect for spring! So time to play with sparklies! :-)

Cyndi L said...

I *just* used some of these, in a kind of large size, to make some earrings using one of the books that I'm supposed to be reviewing. Definitely one of my favorite colors!