Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fun, Free Bead Embroidery E-Book!!

I'd like to send a great big "CONGRATULATIONS" out to our beading friend Cyndi Lavin of the Beading Arts blog! She has just created a great step-by-step book for people interested in learning bead embroidery. How exciting!

And now, the next piece of great news is for you, IT'S FREE!

Cyndi has put the first chapter of her book into the format of an e-book and has made it so easy to download, it just takes one mouse click!

I had a chance to read through the book and love how she wrote the instructions. It feels like she is right there talking you through it. It's not difficult to understand the terminology and she not only tells you what TO DO, but also what NOT to do! That's so helpful especially if you haven't done a particular technique before.

This photo is of the "SunShower Necklace" project. I so enjoyed looking through the pictures and seeing it build into this piece. It makes sense and does not seem too intimidating.

Thanks a million Cyndi for allowing me to share this here for everyone!

Those interested just need to follow this link, then you will see the instructions for making one left mouse click to either read the book or download it right to your computer!
Have a good one!! :)


Kokopelli said...

Thanks for sharing that, Cindi and Lisa! I enjoy bead embroidery and did some cab pendants lately.

Cyndi L said...

Lisa, thanks a million for sharing the link with your readers! I am so excited about this project, and I hope that people who've been intimidated by bead embroidery will be inspired to give it a whirl :-)

Azure Accessories said...

Thanks to both you Lisa & Cyndi for sharing this great e-book!!!

I've tried beading embroidery but I have a difficult time seeming the small holes which in turn I think makes me frustrated, regardless I'm always impressed by those who do such beautiful work!!!


Saje said...

Beautiful art!

Karyn said...

I have just had a quick look and it looks fantastic - thank you so much for sharing.