Saturday, July 11, 2009

This Week's Project: Starry New Jade Bracelet

This week's project incorporates a beading component that I received as a very pleasant surprise from Rings & Things this week. I opened the package and the first item that caught my eye was this gold filled star connector.

My first thought was, "so totally cute"!! Yes, once again I have been watching too much of the TV show from the 80's, Square Pegs! I can't help myself!!

I knew right away, this was the first item I wanted to work into a piece of jewelry. I had several different ideas, but the one that stuck after a bit of trial and error was this very subtle 2 strand stretchy bracelet using new jade stones and light citrine bicones (not crystals).

I contemplated using bursts of bicone groupings in the connector loops, but decided that the understated version was making me feel happy and calm.

I then proceeded to remove the extra connector loops for a cleaner look.

(Update: As requested, a photo of this bracelet "in action" has been added to this post. Thanks guys!)

I also received several other pieces that I will be using in the near future and keeping you posted. By the way, if you are interested in becoming a blogging partner with Rings & Things, be sure to visit their blog page.

I also wanted to pass along some information that was shared with me earlier today by Swarovski Ambassador, Lillian Chen. Now, get ready to start dreaming about a trip to the gorgeous Cortona, the heart of Tucsany! Lillian is teaching these fabulous wire jewelry pieces that become dazzling with the addition of swarovski elements. Enjoy!!


Azure Accessories said...

This is an uniquely interesting piece...I would like to see it on a wrist to get the whole picture!!


The Beading Gem said...

Clever use of the star connector! And the choice of stretchy bracelet style was just perfect.

Dave Robertson said...

Most inventive, Lisa - - I second the motion to see this one "in action" :)


Just A Tish said...

I love this. it is creamy butterscotchy goodness!

Jeannie said...

Lisa, this bracelet has "star" quality. What an original piece. I love the jade stones.

Shai Williams said...

Better late then never. I just wanted to say how much I love your design. Very unique

Melbourne Relocation companies said...

The bracelet you made is gorgeous! I love the star you added on the bracelet it made the whole thing very elegant to look at.

homes for sale Manila said...

Stunning bracelet! I like the design very original. It’s simply but stylish and neat I just love it.