Monday, July 20, 2009

Air Blue = Heavenly Swarovski Crystallized Elements

Air Blue Opal...ahhh.....! I just love the name of these beads. I truly judged a "book by its cover" or bead by its name on this one. What a great job it would be to name new "crystallized Swarovski elements"!!

I know Swarovski is making some changes, but I hadn't really paid enough attention to some of the existing facts about their products. Did you know that "Crystallized" is the brand name for all loose crystal elements you think of when you think Swarovski Crystal Beads?

I had an opportunity to order some Swarovski crystallized elements from YAY, that's very exciting!! When you have the chance to select ANY pieces from the collection, it's the perfect time to take a peek at some new or unique pieces from Swarovski. (I can't wait to show you the other items I selected...:)

These are so cool and so sweet all at the same time!! Now, getting back to the name of these fabulous crystallized Swarovski elements. I love the name, "air blue opal". They could also be named heavenly blue or heavenly cloud blue. They are so dreamy!!

The beads in the photo are the 5301 8mm faceted bicone and the 6mm Rivoli Pendant, both in the Air Blue Opal color.

I have some ideas for these, so I'm getting out all my tools!! I hope you are having a nice week so far!!


Azure Accessories said...

Lovely delicate looking...I'm a huge fan of blues, which is why I use the word Azure in everything! :0)

Swarovski's are my favorite crystals,they have some of the most interesting pendants...the rivoli pendant is great...


Silver Surfer said...

Blue is my favorite color. These baby blue opals are out of this world.

Katofmanycolors said...

Love the name too!