Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A "Canvas" for Beads

A product of Blue Moon Beads, this package of two 8-inch PVC Bracelets was in the bargain bin at the craft store. These bracelets are so dainty and cute! The best part is, THERE ARE TWO OF THEM!!

I say that because I love the dainty-ness of the bracelet and at first envisioned either sewing or wiring on a fabulous swarovski crystal for a focal bead with lots of tiny crystals trailing off on either side. What a perfect canvas this little band would make for bright sparkly crystals!! The PVC bracelet is very sleek and shiny black.

Then my rebel side kicked in and I thought it would be fun to sort of "punk" this up. Not necessarily to old school safety pins, but maybe some cool chrome-like pieces and parts with a few shots of bright red 1950's type kitschy beads or buttons.

OR, an even more interesting idea might be to make a double decker band by using beads in between as columns of some sort. What do you think?


SCJ Jewelry Design said...

I'd love to see you do one of each - crystal and punked! Some oxidized metal things riveted onto the PVC bracelet base would be fun.
Whatever you do with them, be sure to show us - I'm sure they'll be great!

Azure Accessories said...

I've recently purchased a red leather band like this and I've been trying to decide what to do with it myself...fun, classy, or a little over the top...

I was even considering doing a doggy collar with it as people love to dress up their dogs... :0)

What ever you do it will be great...

Just A Tish said...

i refuse to let go of my punk side :) still wear my chucks, color my hair rainbow colors and wear my biker jacket leather jacket.

i have just recently accepted my softer side, and allowed myself to embrace my hippie roots set down by my mom.


Kristina Mason said...

Hi Lisa! It was great to meet you tonight! Your jewelry is beautiful!! I have seen many of the items that you have made for Joy! I can't wait to hear of the success that comes out of your book!!

Kristina Mason