Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fun with Swarovski Buttons

Until this week, I had only used the Swarovski rivoli button and the square button.

I now have two 3014 12mm Crystal AB Faceted Buttons that I recently selected from the Swarovski crystal beads inventory at

Something that I have discovered in the last couple of months is that Swarovski buttons make the perfect base for a sparkly crystal ring using Crystallized Swarovski components.

A recently discovered idol of mine, Lillian Chen, is an amazing wire and Swarovski crystal bead artist. I have learned so much about creating with crystals from studying her work. I felt my first attempt at making a piece inspired by her was a success and wanted to try again using this 12mm round crystal AB faceted button as a ring base this time around.

I finished my ring project today and was very tempted to post it now, but I wanted to wait until I have the coordinating necklace completed as well.

I am having a great time as I continue with my Swarovski crystal extravaganza week! Hope you are all having a great week too!!


TesoriTrovati said...

Great minds must really think alike! I bought some buttons and rivolis and other shapes from ArtBeads during one of their great sales and have been attempting to teach myself how to make rings. I am interested to see your progress. I will go check out your mentor! Thanks for sharing.
Enjoy the day! Erin

Just A Tish said...

oh you tease!!

i can't wait to see them both!

Azure Accessories said...

This looks beautiful, I've never used the buttons for anything yet...
Can't wait to see your ring...

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