Sunday, July 19, 2009

Peace, Love & Bead Bloggers!

In yesterday's post, I mentioned I would be fine tuning the design I was working on and show that here today. Well.......the thing is.....I got a little sidetracked!!

I realized I kept wanting to work with one of the other little gold connectors from my recent surprise Rings & Things package so I decided to put the other project aside. Any time you get a real idea, you just have to allow yourself to go with it!! This was so much fun to play with because the possibilities seem so endless. This piece has one connecting loop on one side and two connecting loops on the other for a nice asymetrical design.

Similar to last week's star connector, I wanted to see if I could make this into a bracelet focal piece. For some reason hemp cord came to mind so I started playing with that. Luckily my husband was driving us around on errands today because I brought it in the car taped to the inside of a box lid because I couldn't put it down! :)

I didn't plan this out in advance, I just sort of went with it. It certainly does have an eclectic/odd vibe, but that's what makes me like it so much and I've had it on ever since I finished it. In this case, "finishing" meant brushing the hemp strands with a doggie slicker brush!

I hope this makes you smile or chuckle like it does for me and gives you a happy feeling!! That seems to be my goal when I allow myself to incorporate arts & crafts in jewelry making.

Now, it's time again to visit our fellow bead bloggers to see what they have been up to!! Have a great week!

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knotshop said...

Very nice piece.

Azure Accessories said...

Very interesting and unique...I do agree we must let the creativity take over...:0)!


The Beading Gem said...

I also let the muse take me whichever way. It's fun that way. BTW This is truly a one of a kind design!!

MyStyles said...

those are great

Just A Tish said...

That is just sick! my jaw dropped when i saw it. awesome!

Mandi said...

Great piece!! What else do you need when you have peace, love, and beads, hehe :)

Dave Robertson said...

- Inspiration leads to great discoveries - I absolutely love the part about using a dog brush! This came out looking great.