Monday, July 13, 2009

Cubes, Glorious Cubes!!!

Cubes, glorious cubes!! There is just something about swarovski cubes that just makes me extra-specially happy!!

They can be beautifully set off when used with squaredelles, but are wonderful no matter how you choose to use them. Today's beads were part of the surprise package I received from Rings & Things recently.

I was so excited to see these in my package and really want to come up with the perfect design for using them!!
(If you have any ideas you don't mind sharing, please let me know!!)

The dark navy blue type cube is named, Montana 8mm aurora borealis cube. The lighter colored crystal is the 8mm Lime cube.

I just happen to have some 4mm lime cubes on hand and think I'd like to try working the cubes into some kind of right angle weave pattern. I've never tried that before, but it sounds like it could be interesting! I wonder if I could find all the colors of the Rubik's cube in swarovski crystal cubes and re-create it as a focal piece?!! Is that over the top or a cute idea? I'm not sure!! :) Have a great evening!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful beads! I have some of my own in a different colour, and I'm still trying to figure out what to do with them! Good Luck!

Azure Accessories said...

Oh...thanks Lisa for posting the photo of the bracelet on your looks very modern!!! I like it a great deal, the same idea could be done all the way around the bracelet with smaller inserts such as stars, flowers, triangles, etc...wouldn't that be fun!!!

I'm a huge fan of Swarovski cubes...but I've never done anything out of the ordinary with them because I always felt they speak volumes so they didn't require an extra special design to showcase them...for me sometimes less is more...that way a piece made with the cubes can be dressed up or down!
I look forward to seeing what you do...

Dave Robertson said...

Rubik's cube in crystal beads, a fun idea! Especially since it's the 30th (if I remember right) anniversary of that toy this year. :)


Just A Tish said...

thanks - now i have to go watch oliver!