Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Add-A-Bead Chain

Is this a cool chain or what?!! I've seen these in the craft store before, but have never used them. A very kind fellow-beader gifted me with this last week and I have been anxious to get it out of the package ever since!

This is a Darice product and the package reads, "18in. chain with add-a-bead easy clasp-bright silver". The little photo on the package shows how the clasp pulls apart easily. "Simply pull apart clasp to add beads and charms".

Again, I say, how cool is that?!! This would be a great product to use with new beaders. There is nothing intimidating about adding beads to a chain and would probably rope some new, unsuspecting beadaholics right in!

I don't see a measurement for the diameter of the chain, but I just tried one of yesterday's swarovski cubes and the hole was just a little too small. So, here I go to dig around in some bead containers!! Have a good one!!


Azure Accessories said...

Very cool..it would be great for someone like myself who usually wears very simple necklaces, have arthritis in my neck and can't wear the chunky necklaces which I love...I could have as many pendants as I wanted with just the one chain! Love the concept!


Just A Tish said...

This is EXACTLy what i need! i just got a chevron bead from rings & things. it is the perfect stand alone bead, and this is the perfect chain to put it on!

The Beading Gem said...

This is a great product for beginners who can't attach clasps yet!

Anonymous said...

This IS very easy...except how do you stop your beads from falling off? Whenever I pull the clasp apart, the beads fall off!!