Saturday, July 18, 2009

An Idea in Progress

Hello! I hope your weekend is shaping up nicely! I am still working on an idea so I am very honestly calling this an "Idea in Progress" rather than a work in progress!

I do not believe this is what the end result will be, but wanted to share this part of the design process where you have something that sort of captures an idea, but is not fine tuned.

I will provide an update and a perfectly completed project tomrrow. "Sleeping on it" actually DOES work!

Have a good one!!


Azure Accessories said...

I agree Lisa...if I'm working on something and it doesn't seem to be working I put it aside and go back to it later!
I don't do well when I'm rushed... :0)

Onye said...

I have some beads like those & I've been trying to make a cubic beaded-bead with them. Also still on the 'beading board'.