Saturday, July 14, 2012

Totally Modular!

Well, I couldn't resist the 80's speak in tonight's title. Sometimes I just gotta be me! Like totally!

I saw the start of a bracelet using these great Swarovski modular crystals earlier today in an ad so I thought I'd find out where to get them.

Surprisingly not all bead shops carry them. I found them in fabulous fuschia over at

It's easy to see how stringing them up would make a special piece of jewelry with very little embellishment. However, I was wondering if there were other interesting ways to use them.

I don't recall ever having these modular crystals personally. Any ideas out there? These are 7mm x 15mm!


Almost Precious said...

I've never used these cute little beads but I have seen them clustered together to form a chunky type necklace or bracelet. I also can imagine them strung alternately with either bicone beads or smooth or faceted round beads. They seem to have a cup or indentation that begs for a partnering bead.

Lisa Crone said...

I agree, it would be nice to see them interspersed for variety. Maybe in between some pearly right angle weave.