Monday, July 23, 2012

Sweet Doggie with Age Spots!

As I go through the usual routine with my little 18 year old bichon tonight, I have to laugh. He's lost a good bit of his sight and hearing, but his ornery personality is still quite intact!

After he finally ate some dinner at 10:00pm, found his way to the door, came back in, asked for more food. Ate a second helping, asked to go back out.

He's now asking for more and he's tiny! I went to scoop him up, but he saw my shadow and, in a manner befitting a much younger dog who can see, he took off like a bolt of lightening wanting me to chase him! Ay-yi-yi! We are so fortunate to have him, so we try to enjoy his antics. :)

I was just thinking that I should look around for a new doggie bead that resembles his funny personality and quickly found this one at

There was another all white bead, but I thought this was appropriate since you can see our little Rudy's age spots. Aww! Too cute!

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Kokopelli said...

The older they get, the better their character shows and the funnier they are. I loved my cats and am so sad that they're gone. You can be really glad to have him. :)