Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Know How to Spool Knit?

If you're thinking about entering the Softflex wire knitting contest mentioned in yesterday's post, here are a couple of tutorials!

1. By our friends at Softflex

2. By jewelry making expert, Tammy Powley, at About.com

I'm feeling the temptation rise! How about you?

Softflex Girl, Sara, says when teaching this technique she describes the face of the knitting spool like a face of a clock as noted below in an excerpt from her instructions.

"Wrap the wire clockwise around 12pm, pass through the middle of the spool and then wrap clockwise around 10pm, then 8pm, 4pm & 2pm. You should have one loop around each peg. (In my design, I'm using 2 wire colors: Purple Amethyst Soft Flex® Wire & Pink Rhodochrosite Soft Flex® Wire, but treating them as if they are one wire.)"

Sounds pretty easy! Thanks Sara and Tammy for sharing your techniques.


Anonymous said...

Yes. Ha. Remember vaguely. Like digging for arrowheads when the pigs were at the neighbors house. Lil lol

Kokopelli said...

Yes, I still know. Although I use more Viking Knit in my jewelry designs.