Monday, July 2, 2012

Vacation Crafting

Did I mention it's vacation week? Yay!

That meant a trip to the craft store today. I don't usually get to Hobby Lobby, but they have a fairly new store close by, it just doesn't seem to be open when I get the bug to shop!

I printed out my 40% off coupon before heading over and ended up with a handful of sparkle!

After all these years, I have pretty well honed my "I can't live without that!" radar. It's a feeling that involves just a tiny bit of tingling...  It doesn't happen every trip, so I'm happy when it does.

This is one of the strands I found, pretty cool! I liked the variations and the way they worked well together considering the contrasts.

I've already got a project going with a couple other sparkly strands, so stay tuned! I don't have any ideas formed for this strand yet, but I just couldn't walk away. As always, please share if you were struck by inspiration when you saw these.

Hope your week is off to a great start too!

1 comment:

Kokopelli said...

Love those beads! So colorful. SOme black beads would really make them pop.