Monday, July 16, 2012

A Project is Born!

I love it when beading elements just happen to appear and ideas begin to unfold! Ahh, an idea is born!

Recently I mentioned some cool multi-colored faceted beads from the craft store, but I hadn't had much inspiration for them yet. I threw them into a baggie so I could keep them nearby and look at them occasionally until an idea sparked.

I remembered this interesting clasp I had found on clearance at Hobby Lobby I believe, so I threw that in the baggie too.

After making yesterday's shrinky-dink bracelet components, I put them in plastic wrap and threw them in the bag too. I thought I could just sneak a few glimpses of the whole batch here and there to get an idea.

Then it struck! why not use the 3 strand clasp on the shrinky-dink bracelet. That way, if I want to wear my cool vibe, music inspired shrinky-dink I can, but if the situation provides an opportunity to be more on the conservative side...I can just turn it around and wear the clasp as the focal!

What do you think. The colors are really great on this clasp and to top it off, I believe it was on clearance for $.50!

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